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May 3, 2022
Facebook Arbor Terrace Middletown
My mom has been here since December and I am extremely pleased. Both Dana and Debra have been kind and helpful. The entire staff is caring and makes my mom feel special.
Apr 6, 2022
Caring Arbor Terrace Middletown
My friend just moved to Arbor Terrace about two months ago. I just went to visit him, and I couldn't get over how nice everyone is! The community is beautiful. The residents were doing Zumba when I walked in. The staff was so friendly. His house was too much for him to manage. He hated to cook. He definitely made the right decision to move to Arbor Terrace.
Mar 22, 2022
Google Arbor Terrace Middletown
On the advice from a few people, including an eldercare attorney and a social worker, I've been to Arbor Terrace a few times trying to make up my mind about a place for me and my wife. What impressed me most about the place was the level of care and attention exhibited by the staff. I even had meals there and got to talk to residents, who were unanimous in their positive remarks about life there, (I found the food to be good also and this, unfortunately, is very Important to me). I was ready to sign on the bottom line, but my wife thought the apartments were too small for two people. This forced us to continue our search to include Independent living communities. I recommend Arbor Terrace to be included in your considerations among assisted living facilities. You won't be disappointed.