May 23, 2019
Google Centennial
My bestie lives here
May 23, 2019
ModernMsg Centro
I just recently moved in here and so far it's not to God I like the apartments in it's at a fair price the stuff seems to be very friendly and I haven't had any issues yet
May 23, 2019
Google The Glendon Apartments at Westwood Village
It's a great location, and nice amenities, but having stayed in a number of their apartments, it's as though every one of them has some sort of mysterious noise meant to prevent sleep, whether it be other people's alarms that they don't turn off for hours, what sounds like an elephant being rolled on a hotel cleaning cart, or a domestic dispute... I wish the apartments were a bit more sound isolated.
May 23, 2019
Google Arbors of Central Park
Great place!
May 23, 2019
Google Centro
We love living here, and Meagan at the front desk !!
May 23, 2019
Facebook River House at the Trailhead
We have lived at River House for going on four years and I have never been more happy living in an apartment building. The area is just beautiful. Having the river and Centennial Trail literally in our backyard is like heaven especially if you love the outdoors and like to run/walk/bike. Staff has always been especially kind and helpful. We have never had to wait for anything maintenance wise, they are always on top of it which we appreciate! Overall we have had a wonderful experience living here and would recommend it to family and friends looking for a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and friendly place to live.
May 23, 2019
Google The Porter Brewers Hill
IT the best they attend you good
May 23, 2019
Google 47seventy Settler's Point
47seventy Settler's Point replied on May 14, 2019:
Our team apologizes if you feel we haven't been around. Often times we are engaged with someone from our community and we like to ensure we're giving our best service to them. If you leave a message or send us an email, someone will get back to you in a timely manner. Also, please feel free to stop by our office so that we can address your concerns in person. We look forward to speaking with you soon, thank you!

47Seventy Settler's Point
May 23, 2019
Facebook Crystal Springs
amazing staff, great size apartments and the amenities are wonderful
May 22, 2019
Facebook Clear Creek Commons
Everything offered; happy clients; welcoming staff; beautiful surroundings; great location.
Clear Creek Commons replied on May 22, 2019:
Grant Nelson, we really appreciate your feedback!